There are infinite ways to celebrate a bachelorette party, and your role as the organizer is to identify the bride-to-be's preference, and find the perfect party idea to cater to that. Remember that every bride has a certain comfort level, so the party should be fun enough to be memorable but not go overboard as to embarrass or horrify her.

If you are planning a bachelorette party for a fun-loving bride, it's a good idea to have a mischievous theme. She might enjoy an exciting night out with girlfriends in the hottest clubs around the city, or a wild party in a penthouse with a male stripper. Include flowing alcohol, music, and food, and you will surely have a great time. Don't forget the gifts - tell the invited girls to give something playful and naughty so you can joke around as she opens them.

Some brides may be uncomfortable with sexually-themed parties, and if you are planning a bachelorette party for such a bride, play it safe and stick to more wholesome themes. Arrange for an afternoon of massages and spa treatments for a select group of girlfriends, for example, so you can have quality girl talk and help relax the bride as she prepares for her wedding. You can also rent a favorite restaurant and let her and her guests enjoy comfort food and good conversations. If your budget allows it, why not go out of town? Bring everyone to a nice countryside setting and enjoy the views and local culture.

The bachelorette party should not just be fun - it should also be memorable and safe. Here are other ideas to remember:

Keep the guest list relevant. Invite only friends who have been close to the bride at one point in her life. Contact old high school and college friends, childhood playmates, work friends and close female relatives. Avoid inviting people who barely know the bride, in order to keep the party intimate.

If you are planning to have a lot of liquor in the bachelorette party, always have a designated driver. You can either rent a limo or delegate the driving task to a friend who doesn't drink much.

Finally, have fun. This is the time to let loose and celebrate female friendships. The bride will soon have a new life - it's your responsibility to make the last moments of her single days unforgettable.