Games can take a bachelorette party from boring to fun. Depending on the theme and atmosphere of the bash, you can have either wholesome or sexy games. Read on for some ideas to help you make your choice.

Toilet paper dress contest. Split the guests into groups of three to four, and give them rolls of toilet paper. One of them will serve as the ‘model,' while the rest will be ‘fashion designers.' The objective is to dress the model as fashionably as possible using only toilet paper (no pins or sewing!). The group with the best-dressed model wins.

Scavenger Hunt. If you are holding the bachelorette party in a spacious house or a big garden, this is the perfect game. Cleverly hide prizes such as aromatherapy candles or spa treatment gift certificates in different places around the venue. Write down several clues on small pieces of paper - one clue should lead to another. Then, divide the girls into several teams groups and see who gets the ‘treasures.'

Pin the tail on the donkey, adult style. Make the bride-to-be and her guests blush with this mischievous game. You need a poster of a sexy male model in his underwear, and penis cutouts from magazines. Blindfold the bride, lead her in front of the poster, and spin her around. Ask her to pin the penis cutout and see where it lands! Make the guests take turns in this fun game.

Sculpture challenge. Buy some soft clay from the hardware or toy store and ask the each of the participants to mold a penis out of it. Whoever sculpts the best-looking penis wins this naughty game! Let the bride either sculpt or be the judge.

Consequence card game. If the bride and her guests are more adventurous, they will surely love this game, which is best played in a bar or hip restaurant. Purchase some readymade ‘consequence cards' from specialty gift shops or make some yourself. A ‘challenge' is written on each card - it can be as simple as having to get a man to buy drinks for the group, or as daring as lap dancing on a complete stranger. Let everyone pick a card and do the challenge. Anyone who quits has to pay a buck or two. This not only a fun game, but also a great way to raise money for more drinks.