A good way to really celebrate your Bachelorette party is by combining it with the standard Pajama Party. This is a great idea, and a great way to get all your girlfriends together and remind them of what it was like when you were all young used to have pajama parties all the time. You can also save money this way as the pajama party doesn't require reservations or entrance fees.

The adult pajama party can also be a lot more interesting when you are an adult and creates a sense of nostalgia. You can create lots of fun games, like having your guests each create the perfect man and then they have to present or share their description with the group. You can use play-do, write it down with a pen and paper or even cut out and paste together the image of a man from magazines. It will get lots of laughs.

Your menu at the pajama party will probably include alcohol in some form, but don't forget about including good food too. If you want you can use the standard fare, like popcorn, pizza, chocolate and chips. A themed pajama party can go even further with a fiesta theme, or a casino theme. For the fiesta party throw together a Mexican buffet, with tacos, enchiladas, and burritos. Have some fun and even break open a piñata filled with funny adult supplies, like tampons and condoms.

At a Casino styled, bridal pajama party you can get out the deck of cards and play a few rounds of poker with the gals. It's possible to order your own set of themed playing cards, so you can place an image of you and your groom on the backs of the cards. Order several sets of personalized playing cards and give them out at your pajama party as party favors.