Choosing the right decorations for a wedding reception can be a real challenge. This can be further complicated if you are trying to decorate on a tight budget. However there are tons of sources of cheap wedding decorations that can add a lot of zest and sparkle to the reception. If you plan ahead, work carefully and buy strategically you can save a ton of money while still having a beautifully decorated reception. This article will help with some practical ideas and tips for decorating your wedding reception on a budget.

Do It Yourself

One of the best ways to save money on wedding reception decorations is to do some of the work yourself. You can often buy the pieces and parts separate and then simple assemble the decorations. The great thing is you will save money, while personalizing your decorations. This will ensure that you wedding decorations look different from a standard cheap store bought ones. For example you might buy some streamers and balloons and then assemble these together in an interesting arrangement.

Buy In Bulk

Another great way which really goes along with the Do It Yourself concept is to buy in bulk whenever possible. This is easiest to do online these days as you can find many stores that will sell in large quantities. For example you can get 250 tea light or floating candles and sine you are purchasing so many at one time you will save big. Then you can use the concept from above and assemble them on your own.

Use Friends

An easy way to get the decorations done fast is to have a pre wedding decoration party with your girlfriends. Have them come over for an evening of hot soup and sandwiches and then spend the rest of the evening enjoying everyone's company and conversation while everybody works away at assembling the decorations for the reception.

Use Candles

Buy a ton of candles in bulk and then pick up a few large glass bowls or large open vases and you have your decorations set. You can float the candles on water inside of the vases. This makes a wonderful sparkling environment for the reception that people will just love. It is simple yet very elegant and can be done with very little work. For an extra personal touch you can include some candles at each persons sitting place also.

So get started early, purchase in bulk then divide and conquer to get the assembly of your decorations done for very little expense.