Weddings can be lovely but having that perfect day can mount up to serious cash quickly. NOW days many of us have to plan our weddings on a budget due to rising costs. The purpose of this article is to give you some advice on how to plan a cheap wedding but still have a lovely day.

If you are on a budget like so many of us are, you need to cut costs in some of the most expensive areas of wedding planning. One of the most expensive areas is the wedding dress. These can easily cost thousands for a simple dress. One thing you can do is look for second hand dresses. It may not sound very romantic but who is going to know. Many times you can get gorgeous dresses for more than half the price if you bought it new. You may also want to consider buying a nice dress off the rack in a dress shop rather than a bridal store. This is a good option especially if you're willing to break with tradition slightly. It can also save you loads of money.

Something you ay wish to consider in planning a cheap wedding is not having a dinner. Dinners are expensive because they involve lots of food and hiring of a banquet hall or hotel. If you must have a meal, consider having a champagne brunch at a restaurant. They are usually glad for the business and again, save you loads of money.

The groom can cut costs as well. Perhaps he would consider wearing a nice suit instead of a tux. This still looks very nice and is much easier on the pocketbook.

Finally, you may have to keep the guest list small. Having a wedding with just close friends and family can be les stress as well as less cash.

No one wants to think of having to plan a cheap wedding. However, the reality of wedding costs force many of us in that situation. Keep your wedding simple and look to cut corners in the most expensive areas. It is possible to have a wedding that is both cheap and nice.