Getting married is not only a commitment between two people, it is a celebration. The cost of a wedding, however, may put a damper on your celebration.

A traditional wedding is not cheap. At first glance, you may wonder how it could be so expensive. Well, the cost is in the details. Simply put, there are a surprising number of issues that you must deal with in a traditional wedding. Each of these issues, of course, has a cost. From food to flowers to a site for the ceremony and reception, it all starts adding up very quickly.

For some couples, the traditional wedding is a must and part of the magic of getting married. For others, the cost is simply too much. There is a trend these days to minimize the wedding and spend the money on more practical things. The most popular of these things is a down payment on a home. Since the father of the bride is responsible for the wedding, he will often offer this as a practical solution. So, should you go with a traditional wedding or a practical use of the money such as a down payment on a new home? There is no correct answer. It is a personal decision - one only you can make.

To help you with the decision, it may be educational to know more about the cost of a wedding. Although prices vary by location, the average cost is from twenty to thirty thousand dollars. Following are the typical expenses:

Invitations, Announcements $350.00 - $500

Flowers $800.00

Photography $900.00 - $ 2,500

Videography $700.00 - $ 1,500

Music (DJ, Band, Etc.) $900.00 - $ 1,500

Officiant & Ceremony Site $400.00

Transportation (Limo, Carriage, Etc.) $450.00

Gifts for Attendants $400.00

Wedding Rings $500.00

Engagement Ring $1,000.00- 3,000.00

Rehearsal Dinner $750.00

Bride's Gown $900.00

Wedding Veil & Headpiece $200.00

Bridesmaids' Apparel $1000.00

Mother of the Bride's Apparel $900.00

Groom's Rental Tuxedo $500.00

Groomsmen's Rental Tuxedos $200.00

Reception $500.00-$8,000.00

Honeymoon $ 5,000

As you can see, a basic wedding ceremony is not for the light of wallet. You can obviously spend far more for a lavish wedding or far less for a simpler affair. It is really up to you.