Are you looking for that little extra-special something that takes your wedding from great to fabulous? Then think about writing (or paying someone else to write) a custom love song to perform at your wedding. What could be more romantic than hearing your song, and knowing that it's really your song? What better way to capture the freshness and ferocity of your love for one another than to capture it in the timeless framework of music?

Weddings and music have gone hand-in-hand for centuries. In fact, traditional western ceremonies and receptions typically involve a play list of up to 16 different songs … everything from Interlude and Prelude music to Garter Toss and Dollar Dance tunes.

So, as you can see, there's plenty of room to weave your own, one-of-a-kind wedding ballad into the musical mix. When it comes time to write the lyrics (don't worry - it's not as hard as it sounds), here are a few tips to keep in mind…

• Look for ways to acknowledge and highlight the facets of each other that brought you together - and the ones you hope to build your future dreams on.

• Think about the special pastimes or enthusiasms that you both love and share (the outdoors, fine coffee, Paris …). Can any of them be included in your lyrics?

• Each of you (or just one of you, if it's a surprise gift) should work hard to stick close to your own voice and feelings and emotions. Don't make the mistake of trying to sound like a classical poet.

• Keep it simple, and don't go crazy- you don't need to write an opera. Stick to two stanzas and a refrain.

• If you're not a musician yourself, it's perfectly legal to sing along to someone else's tune (think Karaoke music), as long as you aren't selling the result or claiming it as your own.

• Can you both sing? Be honest! If so, get up there and sing your hearts out to one another (be sure your guests have plenty of tissues on hand). If not, forego the personal stage show and let a wedding singer belt this one out. Either way, preserve these lyrics - design the layout, print them out and frame them. It's a powerful gift that's both of yours forever.

But even if you can't pen a note or carry a tune in a bucket, there's still hope. Believe it or not, it's simple to find a pro who can write and record (and possibly even perform) your personal song. Do a search engine search for terms like "freelance songwriters," "customized wedding song," "unique professional wedding song writing" -- or go to a freelance talent pool like, where pros are willing to bid on your project needs.

Wanna Really Wow Her?

Grooms are always on the hunt for extraordinary ways to express their affection when the wedding day nears. If you're looking for the ultimate in romantic shows of love, have your new song encoded in a real, tangible music box. Websites like reveal exactly what a custom Swiss luxury music box looks like. Not only would this beautifully accent any new home (and it's a surefire way of impressing the in-laws), but what better way to end arguments than to foxtrot in the living room to a song written just for the two of you?