Okay, let's start hunting for a band or disc jockey to provide the music at your reception! Which one do you want?

A disc jockey will save you some money, play a variety of music, original songs played as guests remember them, require a minimal space for their equipment, continuous music, and a skilled announcer.

If you choose to hire a band ask your friends or relatives which ones they liked and enjoyed. If it sounds good to you, try to see a live performance ~ see how loud the music was, how the announcer did when introducing songs or other details. the clothes the members of the band were wearing (If you're having a formal wedding you wouldn't want the band showing up in jeans) and how the bandleader was in introducing songs and other details.

Make an appointment to meet with the band leader. Tell him the type of music you want played ~ pop, jazz, motown, reggae, Polish polkas, songs of the '50s or 60's, Irish ballads ~ just to name a few.

Before booking the band find out if your wedding location has any restrictions.. Some places have laws that music can't be played above certain decibels.

Ask the musicians if they bring their own sound system. If so, be sure to check with the reception site to make sure that the electrical system is compatible with the sound system. If not what has to be done and the cost of providing it. Extra generator available? Price if necessary to use it. Location of electrical outlets.

How long does he play? How many breaks? How many in the band? What is the arrival time and when is the departure?

Is the band available on your wedding date and time?

Also give him a list of any special songs you'd like played. Also any songs you don't want played. Inform the band leader of any special introductions you'd like him to make.

Let the musician know, how and when the wedding party will be announced, when you want the first dance of the bride and groom announced, the dance between father and daughter and dance between mother and son, and when the best man will offer a toast.

Ask the total price and how much is required to book them? Generally a 50% or higher deposit is required at the time of the contract.

Before signing the contract make sure all the details which were discussed are included in the written contract.