Wedding songs are an important part of a wedding ceremony. You should choose the songs that will make you happy on your wedding day. Do not just bow under the pressure of your family and friends when you are trying to choose the music for your special day. Couples usually find it easy to choose a song for their first dance at their reception, but choosing the music for the ceremony is a different story. Since it is your wedding day, you should be able to choose your own wedding songs no matter what mom says, or how many tears she sheds. Otherwise, you may be looking back on your wedding with disappointment if you let others pressure you into choosing the songs they like.

You can choose other options if the traditional wedding songs if does not feel right for you. You can find the right sheet music and hire a good pianist to play any song on a piano. A pianist is capable of learning and playing any song at a slower tempo if that is what you want for your wedding day. You can have the music arranged for stringed instruments like violin or cello for your special ceremony.

You may also have the wedding songs sung during your wedding ceremony. This can be quite moving so don't hire just anyone. It would be unwise to pick a friend to sing just because they want to do it. A few flat notes can ruin the beauty of a song, especially on a wedding day. That is the last thing that you want to remember on your wedding day. You should ask professional singers to audition before you hire them to take care of your wedding songs. The important thing is that the singers you hire can sing the wedding songs you have chosen well.

You can also purchase a CD of wedding songs for your special day if you want to have a simple ceremony. Couples who want a simple and small wedding choose this option because they don't want to go to all the trouble of hiring musicians for a short and sweet occasion. You can be sure that these CDs will deliver just what you are looking for in music because they are full of high quality, traditional songs for weddings. You can also just purchase the songs individually and burn them on your on CD if you can't find the songs you need.