People participating in Christian weddings have a whole lot of options to choose from regarding their music and songs. Usually the music is reflective, and suits of the time and mood of the wedding.

Since the early weddings of the sixteenth century, a Christian wedding held in the church has involved the bride walking down the aisle, being led by her father or alone. This walk is accompanied by slower, processional music tunes. After the marriage, she walks down the aisle again, this time with her husband, to a livelier recessional tune.

Many tunes have been popular for weddings, the most popular one being Wagner's Bridal Chorus, composed in 1850. This song is more commonly called "Here comes the bride". The other most popular recessional tune is Mendelssohn's Wedding March composed in 1826.

Following the wedding ceremony, the reception is where a wide variety of music is played, either by a live band or a DJ. Favorite Christian wedding songs include "Cherish the Treasure," "Flesh of My Flesh," "Household of Faith," "How Beautiful, I Will Be Here," "Love of the Lasting Kind," "Love Will Be Our Home," "Perfect Union" and "This Is the Day."

It is important when choosing musicians for a wedding to hire only those with experience and references. You can also request sample CDs of the music played by the musicians in earlier weddings, which most reputable performers will have. You can conduct an interview with the bandleader or the DJ and hire the person who inspires the greatest confidence and is sensitive to your needs. Another important factor is negotiating the price of the service and the deposit amount.