A marriage ceremony is always meant for fervor, joy, festivity and merry making. And no festivity and merry making is complete without the music bash matching to the magnitude and scale of the celebration. How can you spare the celebration of love and union- weddingfrom it?

Well, there are a good number of special songs that are meant to be played on wedding occasion. You can short-list a few of them for your wedding. Spellbinding influence of these songs would make your D-day unforgettable for many.

Choosing songs for the occasion often happens to be an ordeal for couples. Simply listen to your heart and select your favorite love songs for your wedding celebration.

However, the priority revolves around selection of songs that perfectly fit with the theme and style of the wedding. If you are all set for a unique wedding, you need to do a little more research to find out musical numbers that add to the uniqueness of the occasion.

Nowadays, some crazy couples are not only going for unique but also bizarre wedding themes, and it seems utmost difficult to find out songs suiting to their wedding celebration.

But, whatever may be the kind of marriage, you need to be really selective in choosing numbers and should anyhow try to find out songs that are in consonance with your theme of marriage. Wedding songs have often been found to be good for setting the mood for wedding fervor and celebration in the couple's desired style and manner.

For a formal wedding function, you should restrict yourself to classical numbers or songs that are in harmony with the formal grace of the occasion. For a church wedding, you should only go for songs that could be played in church. It's better if you opt for classical love songs that also have a religious tinge in lyrics. Before playing music in church, you must seek permission of clerics and you may also ask for their approval on songs that you have selected for your wedding.

While on all informal weddings, you can go ahead with your contemporary numbers. Some funny wedding songs are also on the block. If you are planning for a rocking wedding, you can go on inviting bands for playing songs live at the venue of your wedding. The euphoria would get doubled with a live singing performance on your wedding.

Hence wedding songs would help you make your wedding an unforgettable event for all the guests.