Commonly mistaken as a less important part of a wedding, couples often make the wrong decisions when choosing their wedding stationery. In fact, as the invitation is the first thing that guests will see, the importance of the stationery should not be undervalued.

Etiquette states that invitations should be sent out 6 weeks before the wedding but quite honestly there is no reason why these cannot be sent sooner. Many wedding guests have holidays planned and social events arranged some months in advance so to ensure guests are free, send them out in advance. If you especially wanted to stick with tradition, why not send out 'Save The Date' cards? If you are super trendy you could even send out 'Engagemints' as a funky alternative to the usual 'Save the Date' cards. By sending these out, guests keep your special event clear in their diaries and you can still send out usual invitations in a timely manner to keep in with tradition.

Equally, wedding dates are booked up so much in advance, that if you already have the date set, then why not inform guests? It will certainly avoid disappointment later on and your final numbers are more likely to be accurate much sooner.

The wedding invitation you choose must match the overall theme of your wedding. This is essential for setting the wedding style and it is very important to get it right.

So, what invitation best suits your wedding theme?

If you are plain, simple, fuss-free but elegant bride then this should be reflected in your invitations. A simple ivory card with gold foil writing would most definitely be in keeping with this kind of wedding style

Funky brides looking for a real talking point may go for handmade invitations that have been especially designed for them. These are generally made for brides who have a clear sense of style who are self-assured and what to stand out from the crowd. Funky wedding invitations are often brightly coloured and rather off the wall.

Modern Floral/Arty

The floral or arty bride is quite a traditionalist. She wants a wedding invitation that has a famous painting or a simple flower on the front. Everything she does oozes style but in a quiet way.

Sepia/Black & White

Brides who want wedding invitations in a Black/White or Sepia style are true romantics are heart. They love the idea of romance in Hollywood movies and wish to recreate this style in their wedding theme.


Traditional brides who believe in the institution of marriage and are firm believers of their faith go for religious cards. There are many choices but one of the most popular is that of the Church. Many stationers will print the church in which you are marrying on the front of the invitation, usually in black and white.


More and more couples are putting the fun element into their wedding style. When it comes to wedding stationery, the couple want guests to open their invitation with a smile on their faces. They then wish to carry this theme throughout the wedding celebrations.