Wedding thank you cards are cards sent by newly married couples to the guests present at the wedding. These cards gained popularity over the last few years and are considered a great advantage for busy newlyweds.

Wedding thank you cards express thanks to the guests who made the occasion an auspicious and memorable one. It is a way of expressing gratitude and sincere wishes to the friends and relatives for attending the wedding as well as for their thoughtful wishes and gifts.

Generally, the cards are smaller in size and are available as pre-printed or blank inside. On the blank ones, the couple can write or print a note of thanks in the blank space. Some people send handmade cards in order to add a personal touch to the thank you being sent. People even send thank you cards with the wedding photo attached to very special persons who might want a copy of it.

Usually, wedding thank you cards are sent within a period of three months after the marriage. Electronic wedding thank you cards are very much in vogue today. These cards save the labor of card hunting in retail outlets, mailing the cards, and all the related hassles. Moreover, speedy delivery is guaranteed. However, as some may strongly feel, electronic cards cannot give that feeling of warmth and proximity assured by printed cards.

Wedding thank you cards are one of the most appropriate ways to convey thanks to all those who attended the function including host and hostesses of bridal shower, engagement party, and rehearsal dinner. There are a number of wedding shops that sell these cards, but they can also be ordered online.