Definitely times have changed. We live in a world of competition, where we have so many options to choose from, regarding what to eat, what to wear, and in choosing our everyday consumer products and of course, when it comes to our wedding, we have just as many options and many more decisions. When we think about wedding announcements, a few years ago, a simple plain, elegant invitation would have done it, now the announcements are not enough, we have to think about a whole set of stationary. The most important aspects to consider are as follows:

  • Engagement party announcements
  • Wedding announcements, including reception cards, maps and respond cards
  • Rehearsal dinner announcements
  • Ceremony programs
  • Menus
  • Reserved table tags
  • Thank you notes
  • Calligraphy, of course the list could still be stretched with some other little details, but I don't want to disappoint anyone. Who ever said that getting married was not expensive? It is the big day and of course we need a big budget for it. But the good news is that we have so many choices that it does not necessary need to be expensive to be the best.
It is important to talk to your wedding consultant, if you don't have one, talk to your stationary designer and express what exactly you have in mind and what your budget is. She or he can always make suggestions for you and tell you what is necessary and what becomes superficial in the wedding stationary. There are certain things that it might be nice to order when you have the budget for it, but you don't necessarily need to have everything you see in order for you to have the wedding of your dreams. Don't be afraid to ask if there is a certain promotional invitation available or if there's a certain style with a discount, what combinations could you make to lower the cost, or what options would you have, not to spend a fortune on your invitation order. A good stationary designer, will always be happy to design something according to your taste and budget, but whatever decision you make, always keep in mind that this is a once in life time and it has to be exactly the way you want it.