Finally, the big day is getting closer. You are only a few months away from your wedding and every detail counts. Of course, you want a gorgeous bridal gown, the most beautiful flower arrangements, a simply exquisite cake and the list seems to be endless, but, have you ever thought that the first impression of a beautiful wedding will be reflected through your invitations? You obviously wish things would be simpler, you wish you could go back to those days when wedding announcements were just that, something pretty, nothing special, but the truth is, times have changed. It's unbelievable how many hundreds of styles and choices there are:

  • from a simple cute plain card, to the most sophisticated embossed, big size invitation with double hard and soft embossed envelopes
  • monogram seals covered with gold or silver leaf
  • monogram seals over a sheet of thin wood painted with powder of mother pearl, surrounded by a string of pearls
  • doubled panel cards with sheer satin windows
  • all kinds of hand made papers
  • all kinds of imported papers from Italy, Holland, France, India, Mexico, Philippines.

And regarding accents, what about those beautiful satin or silk ribbons to enhance the beauty of an invitation? But, wait a minute. Did I say ribbons? Watch out brides'always keep in mind that there are two persons involved in the wedding announcements, the bride and the groom. Ribbons are very romantic, but try to be conservative regarding bows; you don't want your invitation to look feminine with a bow that takes the focus away from the announcement. When you select ribbons, make sure that they will be very discreet and still will look pretty but not too feminine, think about the groom also and make sure that he also will feel proud rather than embarrassed of his wedding invitations.

As I mentioned before, there are hundreds of styles to choose from, remember that you have a great advantage when you deal directly with a designer instead of ordering from a catalog, because the designer will have a lot of suggestions regarding what you both as a couple would like and will try to make something personalized, something very special for you both.