Well you're getting married and the gifts are starting to roll in. It is now time to start showing your gratitude by sending Thank-You notes.

Here are some tips to help you get started.

1. Gifts received before the wedding should be acknowledged with a thank-you card within two weeks.

2. Professionally printed thank-you notes may look nice but they are not absolutely necessary. Store bought cards will be fine. Do not use cards with generic preprinted messages inside.

3. Always specifically mention the gift you received in the note. For example: Thank you so much for the lovely bath towels. They match our new bathroom tiles perfectly.

4. If you receive a cash gift, the thank-you should state how you plan to use the money. For example: Thank you for the generous gift. We are planning on buying a new dining set soon and your gift will help us do so.

5. Presents received on your wedding day or soon after should be acknowledged within two months. However, the sooner you send your notes the better. Remember - People expect a prompt thank-you from you, the longer you wait, the less they will think of you.

6. Write your thank-you notes as you receive the gifts. Try to squeeze in several minutes each day to write a few notes. If you wait to write them all at once, it will become a huge job and could possibly take you most of the day.

7. Buy a notebook and keep a record of every gift you receive. Put a check mark next to each name as you write your notes.

8. Don't open any gifts you receive by mail (including cards) until you have your gift list in front of you so you can record it immediately. This is a good idea as it is very easy to misplace an envelope.

9. Be especially diligent about thanking people who sends gifts by mail. They not only want to be thanked, but they need to know you received their gift.

10. Be thankful for any gifts you receive - regardless of how small. Even if you don't like the gift you need to show appreciation and send a note. NEVER let the gift giver know you exchanged his/her gift.

11. Party Hosts

Don't forget to send a thank-you to anyone who hosted a party for you-engagement, bridal etc. This note should be sent the day after the party.

12. Friends and Family

There will likely be special people who went out of their way to help you plan your wedding, from attendants who ran errands, to a neighbor who helped you address envelopes. These acts of kindness should be acknowledged with a note of thanks.

13. Parents

Last but not least, don't forget to send your parents (and in-laws) a note of appreciation along with a small gift (optional) for all of their love and support.