There are many different kinds of wedding invitations out there, but destination wedding invitations are among the most coveted and the most popular.

After all, what wedding guest would not love to combine a great vacation in a tropical paradise with the wedding of a close friend or family member? For a number of years now, destination weddings have been all the rage, and it is easy to see why.

Mailing The Invitations Out In Plenty Of Time

In fact, receiving destination wedding invitations is a mark of honor, since the majority of destination weddings are limited to only the closest family members and friends.

Getting such an invitation is an honor, and it is important for the planer of the wedding to get those invitations out in plenty of time.

In fact, more time must be allowed when it comes to destination wedding invitations than with normal weddings and traditional wedding invitations.

That is because you will be asking your guests and members of the wedding party not only to show up at your wedding but also to travel hundreds, or perhaps thousands of miles away.

This means they will have to book hotel rooms, book flights and of course schedule time away from work. So be sure to allow plenty of time for your destination wedding invitations to be addressed, received and responded to.

There Are Many Places To Have Your Destination Wedding

There are of course many destinations that are popular for destination weddings, and in many cases the couple will choose a location that is special to them.

Many couples will hold their special wedding on the beach where they first vacationed, or in a resort that holds special significance. From Fiji to Florida, from the Bahamas to Bermuda, there are nearly as many possibilities as there are brides and grooms.

Making Your Destination Wedding Invitations More Special

Since destination weddings are so special, it makes sense to make the destination wedding invitations extra special as well.

One great idea is to order lots of postcards from the resort hosting the wedding, and to include a postcard in with each invitation packet.

Not only will the postcard be a treasured keepsake, but it will give your guests an idea of what they can expect when they arrive.

Things You Will Need To Include In The Invitations

It is also important to include airport information, transportation arrangements and directions to the wedding in with the destination wedding invitations, as well as instructions for booking the block of hotel rooms you have reserved.

Most destination resorts will provide members of the wedding party, and perhaps guests, as well, with special room rates, and it is important that the destination wedding invitations provide details on how to take advantage of any such discounts.