Their big day has nearly arrived and you still haven't bought the couple a wedding gift yet. Well, not to worry, here are 10 wedding gift suggestions that are a little more creative than suggesting you rush off to buy them a gift voucher for the home, garden and furniture store.

1. How about a painting. Obviously selection is according to budget. Consider romantic depictions or something special to that couple, such as a painting of where they first met. You could personalise it even further by commissioning a local artist to paint a photo of the couple.

2. Buy them a tree. A small one. Don't laugh - think about it this way. Buy a nice tree they can plant, then nurture and grow as the years go by, just like their marriage. When they look out the window in several years time they'll be reminded of how far they've come as they see an established tree in the garden.

3. Subscription to a magazine. Maybe the newly wedded couple have just moved into a new house and needs some work doing to it. What better gift than a magazine all about how to decorate and renovate a house.

4. Are the couple into keep-fit? If so, how about buying them joint membership to a local gym for a year. It's something they can do together.

5. Something that lasts. Perhaps a bottle of vintage wine or a framed wedding invitation. The latter being more personal and memorable.

6. Do they have a digital camera? If not, then this is ideal. They'll be wanting to take a lot of photos after they get married and during the honeymoon.

7. Once they have taken all these pictures, they will want hard copies of them. It's a practical gift, but how about a colour photo printer or a docking station for the camera that allows them to print off the photos.

8. A luxury hotel room before they go on their honeymoon is another appropriate wedding gift. Just make sure they haven't already made reservations prior to you arranging this.

9. Now it's time for a couple of things not to buy the wedding couple. Don't buy them a kettle. Chances are they will have several bought for them already. I don't know how much tea you drink, but I sure don't need five kettles. Marriage may be thirsty work, but not that thirsty.

10. Arrghhh, no, not a toaster. Don't do it. I'm sure we all dream of toast after we get married, but about a dozen people will also want the newly wedded couple to enjoy perfect slices of toast in the morning. I'm sure this is a tradition, but avoid the dreaded 'wedding toaster' gift at all costs.