The wedding gift registry is the wish-list that the couple that are about to get married make, taking into consideration all the things that they feel will be necessary in their new home immediately after marriage. It is also a way to allow the guests to buy the bride and bridegroom truly treasured gifts, as opposed to presents that will only occupy space and never be truly used or appreciated.

The couple usually registers online or in-store at their favorite shop. The wish-list would usually include everything from home appliances to furnishings. They can register for their chosen pattern or brand of china - this would usually include formal as well as informal place settings. They could also register for silverware as well as crystal. Once the registry is done, they can inform their guests as to where they have registered themselves so that the invitees can buy the gifts. The information about the registry is usually done by word-of-mouth or when the guests ask for specific information from the couple. Etiquette demands that the information about the registry should not be printed out on the wedding cards. Older members of society still think it rather vulgar to have the gift registry itself but it has made life easier for guests who would rather buy the couple something truly useful rather than objects that would just create clutter.

Popular department stores like Macy's and Bloomingdale's have opened their registry services online as well. Other websites source items from stores such as Tiffany's and Neiman Marcus. It is quite simple to create one's registry at such sites. After registering oneself at the site, the couple can start choosing items from the shop's online inventories and draw up their lists. The couple has to keep in mind the general income level of their guests and ensure that their wish list is affordable to all.

The guests can go onto these sites as well, and once they have searched for the particular registry online, can order the chosen items and pay for it to be delivered right at the bride and groom's doorstep.

Nowadays there is a trend among couples to also include such things as a honeymoon trip in their wedding registries - guests can share out the expense for the trip and gift the bride and groom their honeymoon. Some couples would prefer that their guests give donations to their favorite charities rather than buy them expensive gifts.

A wedding registry therefore helps the new bride and groom fulfill their dreams and lets them start their new life together surrounded by the good wishes of the ones they truly love.