Planning a wedding is as exciting as the big day itself, once the engagement is official. From the early setting of the tentative time and place for the wedding ceremony and reception, to all wedding gift ideas for the bride, groom, bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girls and ring bearers, there is to much to do, starting with the selection of the wedding-party participants and their roles.

As sweet as candy canes and candy bars, children are an important part of your wedding party, and the number of them participating as flower girls and ring bearers are limited only by your patience and the supply, because sometimes there are not too many of them in a family.

When it comes to thinking about wedding gift ideas, consider candy canes and candy bars, as the ideal present to encourage children to participate in your wedding, and even motivate others outside your family, such as your neighbors' sons or those of your friends or co-workers.

Many brides are concerned about the role of children according to their ages and where they have to work in the procession. In the United States, the role of flower girls and ring bearers are limited to children under age 6, but that trend does not exclude children of any other age if they are willing to participate and perform their role accordingly.

Wedding gift ideas may include presents made with candy bars decorated attractively. Gifts including candy canes along with a toy or a wedding favor, can be enough to make any child participate responsibly, although the older they get the more likely they may not be as thrilled to participate in the wedding party, but ask them if they want to, it never hurts.

Children from 3 to 6 can be enrolled as a flower girl, ring-bearer, or trainbearer, while those from 7 to 10 can also participate by carrying candles or the prayer book in the wedding procession, tending to the guestbook, as well as handing out programs and flowers to mothers and grandmothers.

However, you can adjust these age ranges according to your family circumstances and the children's desire to participate, including those young teens from age 11 to 15, who can receive the titles of junior bridesmaid or junior groomsman, adding the dignity they need as adolescent attendants.

Disregarding their ages, include children when planning your wedding gift ideas, remembering that there is no need for fancy presents. Everybody loves candy and candy bars are an all-time favorite available in a variety of flavors, colors and fantasy shapes, or simply shaped like candy canes, which can also serve as placeholders with a card attached to the bow.