So, your friend or loved on is soon to be a bride-to-be. Are you struggling to find that perfect gift for the bride? If so, give yourself a break, take out a pen, and jot down these ideas for the ultimate bridal gift.

In the past, according to tradition, bridal shower gifts were geared to help the couple get household items for their new home as well as items to decorate and maintain their home. Taking a trip over to the local Target or Wal-Mart and checking out the registry to purchase these items was a snap.

However, times do change! Don't get caught brining a set of dishes to the bridal shower while everyone else brings things that are perfect for the bride-to-be. In reality, items to pamper and assist the bride with her upcoming wedding should be the theme of bridal gifts.

Since today's bride usually has set up her home, has a career, and has lots of household items anyway, what really is need are gifts to pamper he. She also needs gifts that she may not think to buy for herself or can't remember due to her upcoming wedding day.

Here is what really works when it comes to ultimate bridal gift giving:

1. Think Sentimental: these types of gifts work best for best friends, sisters, or a bride who hashad lots of special times and memories. Giving something that will help the bride-to-be recall special memories in her life will surely bring a smile to her face. A picture of she and that special friend, brother, sister, or parents, etc., engaged in a memorable activity from the past is the ultimate sentimental gift.

2. Think Pampering: there are tons of bridal gifts that meet these criteria. Gift ideas include her favorite bath soap, lotion, or shower gel. Think "Bath and Body Works" or "Victoria's Secret". Choose a bottle of perfume with a scent you know she will love to wear on her wedding day. A special coupon for a massage or trip to a day spa would also make awesome gifts.

3. Think Lingerie: Help gear her up for her honeymoon. Assist her by purchasing some fancy lingerie.

4. Think Wedding Day Survival Kit: Wedding days are exciting but also can be quite busy and nerve wracking. Think what might she miss, as she?s involved in all the hustle and bustle prior to the wedding. Gift ideas include hair spray, hairpins, clips, lipstick, and even deodorant! Place all items in a special bag with a note that says "Just in case your forget!"

These are just a few gift ideas for the bride-to-be. Keep in mind the types of pampering the bride enjoys, what special memories she might have, what will make her day less stressful, and what you can do to help her have a rocking honeymoon! If you think along these lines, you'll be sure to give the ultimate bridal gift!

Copyright 2006 Monique Hawkins