Warm weather and weddings go hand in hand. Everywhere we go these days, we see the signs of marriage. Whether it's a car with empty soda cans strung across the trunk and the phrase "Just Married" scrawled in whipped cream, or the actual event taking place at a nearby park, we are seeing these summer newlyweds all over the globe! Perhaps you know one yourself and are searching for the perfect gift? We've got you covered with gift giving tips and unique and affordable gift ideas that you can create yourself or buy all ready to go.

Wedding Gift Tips & Ideas:

Every newlywed couple needs the summer essentials. If they are getting married in the summer, they will be celebrating summer anniversaries for the rest of their married days. Think summer if you are looking for a wedding gift through the month of September.

Be unique in your gift giving. It is so much more personal and fun than choosing a gift off a gift registry! Think about what the special couple likes to do in the summertime. Are they campers? Do they spend time on a boat or go on cruises? Take lengthy vacations? Personalize their gift to fit their needs and their lifestyle.

Give a variety of gifts that are affordable. What fun it is to open a gift with several little gifts inside! Hence the popularity of the gift basket! And the options are unlimited! Use something versatile to put the gifts inside, something that they can use again for years to come. The all traditional gift basket makes a beautiful container for a gift arrangement and it can be used again for several purposes. However, don't feel limited by this option. There are several other "containers" that would work great for this gift giving idea. For example, a nice tote bag, an insulated cooler bag, a picnic basket, the possibilities are only limited by your creativity!

The ingredients in your gift set can be such fun to pick out. For the beach goers, use a nice tote bag and fill it with his and hers beach towels (perhaps embroidered) with two pairs of matching flip flops, a beach blanket (could have this embroidered as well), some sunscreen and anything else you can think of! This is a fun, creative and personal gift idea for newlyweds. Lake dwellers may enjoy an insulated cooler (embroidered for a fancy gift) filled with refreshing beverages and snacks. A nice picnic basket can be filled with gourmet treats, a bottle of wine, fancy wine opener and embroidered napkins and picnic blanket. Then there's the classic and popular gift basket, which you can fill with absolutely anything the couple will enjoy.

If you are limited on time and creativity, you can always find picnic baskets and gourmet gift baskets that are all ready to buy. CraftyGiftCreations.com offers many varieties of gourmet gift baskets and picnic baskets that are unique wedding gift ideas and sure to please the happy couple.