Whether he is knee high to a grasshopper or already a little league slugger, your ringbearer will think he is "one of the guys," thanks to the responsibility of carrying your wedding rings to the front of the altar on your wedding day. Why not commemorate the occasion by choosing among a selection of ringbearer gifts readily available in stores today?

Your ringbearer will take his job seriously. And he will also be a little nervous. After all, who would not be, considering that all eyes of the wedding guests will be upon him? Ringbearer gifts are a great way to convey your thanks to him and that you appreciate his efforts.

What type of ringbearer gifts should you consider? There are a few things to factor in first in your quest for a present. First of all, how old is he? His age could guide you in your decision in ringbearer gifts. Another factor to think about is his personality and interests. What gets him excited? What does he have fun doing?

If he is just a little guy, consider ringbearer gifts that are keepsakes, yet also functional. Personally engraved silver plated banks make for great ringbearer gifts. Depending on what he likes, you can find banks shaped like tractors, airplanes and even trains. In addition, you can put a few dollars in coins to start his "savings."

Other ideas for ringbearer gifts for a younger kid include Lego kits, Hot Wheels cars and even activity kits with markers and stickers. The Lego's and even the activity kits would make great ringbearer gifts because they could keep the little guy occupied during what he would think is a really long reception!

If your ringbearer is a little older, his interests and hobbies could be a good guide to determining ringbearer gifts. If he is a baseball fan, there are great personally engraved keepsakes like baseballs or even baseball bats. If he is a football kind of kid, great ringbearer gifts include a special edition football or a jersey with his favorite player's number on it.

Maybe he is a video game nut. Great ringbearer gifts include a portable Gameboy, game software for his computer or a gift certificate to his favorite video game store. For an adrenaline rush, amusement park tickets or water park admissions make for some awesome ringbearer gifts. For those outdoor types of boys who like camping and fishing, compasses make for ringbearer gifts as do fishing poles and backpacks.

Some ringbearer gifts speak to the child in all of us. Remote controlled cars, motorcycles or even airplanes would thrill your ringbearer. Just make sure you don't charge those batteries ahead of time or else you will have him racing it throughout the reception! Of course, he is going to want to be just like the big guys, so maybe ringbearer gifts of a personalized drinking mug or tankard would work. Of course, whatever you choose would be the kid's version of what the adult groomsmen may have received.

No matter what ringbearer gifts you decide upon, just remember that he is still just a kid. So look to the child still living inside your own heart and think about what you would have been thrilled to get at his age. That will help you in your quest of great ideas for ringbearer gifts.