When getting married one of the things that will come up sooner or later is the wedding gift list. Do you have one? How expensive should you make the items? How specific should you be?

Generally speaking if you do not provide your guests with an indication of what you want and need then any gifts they get are probably going to be the last thing that you actually want or need. The flip side to this is that some people are not confident that the present that they buy is going to be liked or appreciated.

Depending on how close you are to the family members you invite, they may or may not have any real idea of your tastes in style and you may very well end up with a nightmare present that you have to keep around the house and pretend to love in case they come to visit. Therefore it's a good idea to try to be as specific as possible.

A lot of department stores and big brand websites now offer the ability to create your wedding list, either in the store or online. The advantage of an online list is that it gives you a web address you can direct your guests towards, allowing them to browse through the list of items you have selected. These lists will normally link to the item allowing online purchase for the selected product and easy delivery either to the guest or the wedding venue, on the date of the wedding.

Another factor to consider is how much time people will have to spend looking for gifts. A lot of people don't like spending time walking around shops looking for presents, and e-tail is becoming a much more popular method for purchasing.

In today's world the majority of couple have lived together for an extended period of time before getting married. Some are bringing items and furniture from two separate households together and finding they have toasters to spare.

As a result more and more people are using their wedding lists as a way of upgrading their homes and getting in more luxurious items that they might not otherwise spend their money on.

A wedding list has the advantage of giving the guests a selection of presents the happy couple really wants. Most of the practical items needed for setting up a new home, the more traditional wedding gifts are already there.

Changing in plates and cups for more funky designer items, swapping the bath towels over to luxury bath sheets or adding some stylish soft furnishings for around the home are all more desirable to receiving another sandwich toaster to sit in the cupboard.

Why not change your cheap Tesco's wine glasses for some Riedel Crystal, or your dinner service to something designed by Missoni Home. For more expensive items you can always ask your guests to contribute towards rather than buying the gifts outright.

Whatever gifts you decide to go for you should try to make sure that they are items that you want or will use. The most important thing though, is to enjoy the wedding.