A bridesmaid, maid of honor, and matron of honor take on a special role throughout the planning phase of a wedding. Each role is traditionally occupied by a sister, soon-to-be sister-in-law, or best friend of the bride. A maid or matron of honor is a bridesmaid that is given a more significant role. She usually is the one sister or friend that is the closest of all. With the role of maid or matron of honor comes great responsibility. She is typically, the woman that the bride has known the longest and is the first chief of command. Bridesmaids are the pillars that stand in support of the bride throughout the engagement, planning of the wedding, and throughout the course of the marriage. Consequently, it is not easy to determine which job is more difficult-fulfilling the role of a bridesmaid or the brides' task of choosing a perfect bridesmaids gift. Keeping the bridesmaids gift a secret from the bride's closest friends makes the undertaking even more challenging.

A bridesmaids gift is one of the most significant souvenirs given to a sister or a friend. It is the bride's moment to show her appreciation for the love and support she was given throughout her engagement-not to mention the dating chapter. The bride may find it difficult to take a moment to slip away from her girlfriends to secretly find a special token of appreciation. After all, the bridesmaids job is to support the bride through every stage of the wedding. The wonderful fact about choosing a bridesmaids gift is that it allows the bride a chance to reflect on her relationship with each of her girlfriends. One of the most sentimental gifts a bride can give is bridal jewelry. Presenting her bridesmaids with silver, Swarovski crystal, or pearl jewelry to wear on her wedding day shows a bride's admiration and gratitude. Some brides have made their bridesmaids gifts even more sentimental by giving them handmade Swarovski bridal jewelry.

Bridesmaids, maids of honor, and matrons of honor are the confidants with whom a bride shares her most intimate secrets. Acquiring a position as noteworthy as a bridesmaid is nobler than one may think. When a bride calls upon her sister(s) and/or best friend(s) to take on the role of a bridesmaid she is entrusting the outcome of her wedding in their hands. The bride, on the other hand, must obtain a bridesmaids gift that is suitable and unique enough to measure up to the shoes that her girlfriends will fill as bridesmaids. Keeping the secret from her bridesmaids poses another challenge. Can you keep a secret from your closest friends?