Wedding bubbles, and therefore wedding bubble favors, are growing in popularity as they replace rice, birdseed, confetti, and who knows what else from times gone by for use when the bride and groom are departing on their honeymoon and ultimately their new life together. The reason is simple, wedding bubbles don't require sweeping the sidewalk afterwards to prevent the slips and falls that rice and birdseed can cause.

Likewise, the use of wedding bubble favors is fun for everyone. Who doesn't enjoy the momentary reminder of their carefree youth? Watching the bubbles dance on the breeze is fun.

As an added benefit, wedding bubbles are an easy and inexpensive way to add special flair to your pictures of your honeymoon departure! Why? Because, though they are translucent they still have enough substance to catch and bend the light waves around them which will add a real flair to your departure pictures.

Answering Objections to Wedding Bubbles

The most common complaint about using bubbles in a wedding celebration is the concern that the bubbles might stain the formal wear of people celebrating the wedding. This is a legitimate concern, but when that happens it's usually because someone tried to cut corners and buy the bubble solution made for children's play that you can purchase at a discount store. The solution is to buy actual wedding bubble favors. Such bubbles have been formulated specifically with wedding reception usage in mind to prevent such a problem.

Second, people object that a spilled container of wedding bubble solution could cause a hazard that might result in a fall. Of course if you are using it on a marble floor (or some other highly polished surface) it could be true, but as long as you restrict use to carpeted surfaces indoors (with permission, of course), sidewalks, or road surfaces there should not be a problem especially considering that most wedding bubble favors have less than an ounce of bubble solution in each favor.

So don't hesitate. Make full use of wedding bubble favors. Enjoy the atmosphere they provide. Enjoy watching the children dance with delight as they watch the bubbles bounce on the breeze and the magical effect they can have on the pictures of your departure for your honeymoon. Just be sure to buy actual wedding bubble favors and limit their use to surfaces that don't tend to be slippery when wet.