So your getting married soon and you have decided to have your wedding in the spring time. Well the spring time is a really nice time to get married. All of the new leaves, flower buds and grass is growing. Although you are not sure what wedding favors to give your guests. Well your in luck spring wedding favors will be a perfect fit for your wedding decor. Below I have put together a list of some of the more popular spring wedding favors.

Love grows on plantable magic bean favor

Giving this spring wedding favor to your wedding guests is like giving them a series of delightful moments. There is the moment when they first pick up their spring favor, and marvel at the tiny hand painted flower pot, presented in a silver showcase box and tied with a sheer white organza ribbon. Then there's the moment when - following the directions printed on the box - they have fun planting the cute little bean in it's included soil. A week later, they experience the biggest moment of all when the tiny little sprout emerges from the soil, sweetly proclaiming "Love" - right on the sprout itself!!

Engraved love rocks

Decidedly clever, sleek and simple, this unique favor adds a natural touch of romance to any table. Each stone is polished to a gleaming finish and carved with "Love." Colors and sizes vary but most stones range from a darker slate color to a translucent gold and are approximately 1.5" wide. All stones arrive in a silky white organza bag, and a matching "Love Rocks" personalized tag is also available.

Plantable wild flower seed favors

Giving these flower seed favors to your wedding guests is very unique and memorable for your guests. They can plant the flowers and every time they look at the beautiful flowers they will remember your wedding day.

Spring wedding favors are an excellent fit to any spring decor. There are many spring wedding favors around so just browse the many different retailers and we are sure you will find the perfect favors for you.