Are you set on having your wedding in the glories fall or winter? This is traditionally the time to celebrate family and romance. Just think of all the lovebirds that are curled up next to a roaring fireplace as it snows outside. This is enough to put anyone in a romantic mood and makes them want to get married. So if you are planning you're here are some fall winter wedding favor ideas that will help you out.

In planning for fall and winter wedding favors or invitations think about what the time of year represents to you. Then read the advice below and do some planning and you will have wonderful winter wedding favors.


First and foremost whenever you are thinking about the ideal wedding favor for your wedding you want to plan based on the wedding theme. Of course if your wedding theme ties into the season of winter or fall then it is just that much easier. However, there are a lot of other fun wedding themes that can fit in with the season beautifully. For example a classic fairy tale wedding can fit well into the winter season like Snow White or Sleeping Beauty. You could tie in the Christmas holiday successfully also which can be a big hit if pulled off carefully.


When you think of winter and fall it is important to think of the colors that the time of year represents. For example winter wedding favor might include large amounts of white, gold, silver and sometimes red accents. These are all colors that show the glory of the season. For example white chocolate dipper fortune cookies wrapped in gold or silver foil make great wedding favors.

For fall time of year there is typically a lot of color still present in the world. Trees are just starting to lose their leave which provides an abundance of color. Some of the color themes that you might want to tap in to are light and dark browns, dark green, yellows, orange.


For winter wedding favors some wonderful fabric choices are white fabrics with a very light touch. Things like tool, a very fine rayon, or unfinished natual cotton all work well.

For fall you want a much more course fabric like burlap, rough cotton and other course and tough fabrics.


Some ideas for papers to use in winter wedding favors might be light vellum, handmade white paper with strips or flecks of gold leafing or even silver. You will want papers with a very refined and smooth finish.

Fall wedding favors on the other hand will use papers that are handmade natural and typically unbleached. Rough deckle edged papers or papers with a lot of nap and texture to them work well.

Some embellishments that you can make to either fall or winter wedding favors and invitations alike are monograms, or embossed letters or even a watermark for handmade papers.

The most important thing to remember when deciding on your fall winter wedding favors and or invitations is to take time and plan ahead. Give yourself some room to experiment if you are making them on your own. If you are not making the favors on your own then allow time to customize what you find in the store.

It is always helpful to think in your mind first what the season means to you and what colors and ideas you associate with the time of year. Then narrow this wider vision down to come up with unique invitations of fall winter wedding favor.