Before you go pick up those cases of little bottles of bubble stuff to give as a wedding favor for your wedding, you should take a look at some of the other inexpensive and imaginative ideas that you can do instead. The wedding favor that you give is important because it will be a small token of your affection for the guests that come to your wedding and as well as a memento of your special day. There are wedding favor choices in every price range and for any number of guests that you may have. You can choose to make your own favors or you can buy them. There are food gifts, non-food gifts, and ethnic gifts you can give as a wedding favor.

Food gifts are popular with many guests and you can get quite creative with them as a wedding favor. You can make a regionally favorite food such as salsa if you are in the Southwestern U.S., or berry jam if you are from the Pacific Northwest, and bottle it for each guest or couple with a personalized label. You can get wedding favor chocolates that are personalized right on the surface of the candy, or you can put them in a small tulle bag or decorative dish or jar. You can also get candy bars and personalize the wrapper with the guest's name and their table assignment for a wedding favor. Baking mixes can be put in jars or in cloth bags along with a recipe card.

Non-food suggestions can be equally creative. You can give your guests a small porcelain or wooden box with a thank you note inside (this does not eliminate your responsibility to send a thank you note for the gifts.) Plants or seed packets are another unusual and fun gift. You can also give ethnic gifts from the couple's country of origin, or countries of origin. Seasonal gifts are fun for any season of the year such as ornaments at Christmas time or a hand painted egg in the spring.

Get creative with your favors and it will make your wedding an even more memorable experience for you and your guests.