What better way to give your wedding guests a chance to relax after all of the hard work that was involved with attending your wedding than with some nice relaxing wedding favors. Pick up some bath and soap wedding favors for your wedding guests and they will love you forever. They will be able to take a nice hot bath and just kick back and put the bath wedding favors to use. Below I have put together a list of some of the more popular bath wedding favors.

Bubbles of Love bubble bath wedding favors

These bubbles of love bubble bath favors are sweetly scented and long lasting, these bubbles will echo all of the fun and the romance of your special day, every time they use it! Packaged in tall clear bottles, the pastel hues of the bubble bath help add a touch of color to your reception tables. Retailers will also offer matching personalized tags with these favors also.

Long stemmed rose soap

Create a garden of long-stemmed roses on your guest tables with these tall, fragrant rose soaps. They're so pretty and realistic - your guests won't believe it when they read the designer vellum ribbon: Long Stem Rose Soap Petals. These are really nice favors for couples. They can take a hot bath together and watch all of the soap petals dissolve as they play a game of he loves me he loves me not.

Fall in love leaf soap petals

These are perfect for a fall wedding. There are a combination of burgundy, gold, orange, and green leaf petals presented in a clear gift box. Each gift box is complete with a sheer ivory organza ribbon and a Leaf design tag that reads "Fall in Love".

These are just a few of the very many relaxing bath and soap wedding favors around. So just browse around the many different retailers and we are sure that you will find just what you are looking for.