Do you want your wedding transportation to be as unique as you are? Well do not rent a limo then. Instead think outside the box and choose something very different from others and your wedding guests will be shocked by your uniqueness.

  • Rent a Lamborghini
  • Farm tractor
  • Motorcycle with a side car
  • Hot air balloon
  • White horse with a carriage
  • An elaborate antique car
  • Helicopter
  • Single engine air plane
  • Wave runners
  • Jet ski's
  • Speed boat

If you are choosing unique transportation for your grand entrance it makes for a very memorable moment and kicks off the wedding in a very unique way.

If you are hiring or renting your transportation make sure that you contact the company at least 3 months in advance.

Make sure you find out the cost per hour, if their are additional charges for mileage and if the tip is included in the contract.

Make sure to provide the company with precise instructions on where you are to be picked up and the destination of where you will be going.

If you are deciding to use a hot air balloon or a helicopter, make sure that you have adequate space that is free of buildings, power lines and any other thing that might cause harm to you or someone else.

If using helicopter or hot air balloon make sure you have a large enough are blocked off for the landing.

When renting a vehicle make sure you note any stains, rips, tears or anything else out of place that you feel is worth mentioning before you sign the contract.

Make sure to find out the exact amount of the deposit and cancellation policy.

If you are renting speed boats make certain to where you life vests because you never know what might happen.

When renting your transportation make sure to ask about all insurance issues and anything that you might not understand.

Most of all make sure you get everything in writing.