I have noticed recently that many of my friends have gotten married. I seem to be attending at least four weddings every year, although I have attended very few weddings about five years ago. I now have a pretty good idea of what is popular when it comes to marriages because I have been part of so many ceremonies in the last few years. I hope that this knowledge would be able to help me plan my own nuptial in the near future. Elegant wedding guest books are one of the things that I've seen at each reception.

Have you ever seen a guest book for a wedding before? Wedding guest books are basically big scrapbook-style keepsakes. They are usually signed by those who attend the ceremony such as the newlyweds' friends, relatives, and acquaintances. Guest books for weddings come in different styles, sizes, and designs.

Some wedding guest books have spiral bindings like notebooks, while others have a stitched binding. I have also seen huge, oversized albums and smaller, more manageable guest books. Some couples decide to have fancy guest books that have ornate covers, while other choose to go with the simpler designs. You can surely find fabulous wedding guest books that will suit your tastes.

One thing that I have also observed is that many couples have different ideas about personalizing their wedding guest books. A lot of couples are content just to have their guests sign their names somewhere on the pages, while others prefer something a bit more personal. You can have a more personalized guest book by asking your friends and relatives to write a short message or poem in your guest book. You can also add photos from your wedding and place them next to the signatures and messages.

Don't forget to tell everyone exactly how you want your wedding guest books to be handled. The guest book for your wedding is a treasure that you want to keep for a long, long time to come, so it should have lovely, moving messages from your guests. The last thing that you want is a guest book that has raunchy jokes on the pages.

You can purchase wedding guest books from the same stationery store that you ordered your invitations from. You will have one less trip to the store to make if you go by this route. You can ask the stationer to match the guest book's cover to the color or theme of the invitations. You can also purchase the guest book for your wedding from an online retailer that specializes in these products.