Long after the wedding is over, the cake has been eaten, the presents opened, and the guest have left you will have your wedding guest book. This is a very important part of the wedding because it will be one of the most important mementos of your special wedding day. It is the one thing that you will go back to time and again to spark the memories and relive your special day. This can also be a very useful reminder of why you wanted to get married and hopefully a little light at the end of a tunnel through some difficult times if need be.

In fact many couples today have more then one wedding guestbook. However they both serve a little different purpose. There is the traditional wedding guestbook that was present at the wedding where all of the family signed in and then another one that was used at the reception. Today many couples are opted for a smaller service and a bigger reception. This way the service can be for very close family and a few friends but the reception can include a bunch of people and become a real hopping party. By having two guest books you can make sure everyone signs their name in the guest book and hopefully leave a little message.

The most traditional type of wedding guest book of course is the white book with a white feather pen for guest to sign their name, leave an address and even a little personalized message. However, there is nothing to say you have to stick with tradition and you might want to find a guest book that better fits the theme of your wedding or even the colors of your wedding. Today you can find a wide variety of guest books in just about any color you choose. Also you can find a wide variety of non traditional wedding guest books that are not even books but rather other objects that people can sign.

Another type of wedding guest book might be a scrapbook. A friend of mine had one of these at her wedding and she didn't even know it until the wedding reception. One of her bridesmaids had purchased a large scrapbook and then decorated the front cover and the first page with pictures of the bride and groom at different times in their relationship together. She then left the rest of the pages blank. Guest were then able to not only sign the book but leave any type of message that they wanted. The best thing about this was some of the more artistic guest felt encouraged by the blank page and took the time to put in fun poems, sayings and even small art work. This has become one of her most treasured possessions and something she often goes back to look at.

Another fun option can be easily put together with a large poster board with a few pictures of the couple mounted to it. Again you can encourage guests to sign the poster board and leave a message or saying next to their signatures. You probably can not find this type of guest book at our local wedding supply store however more companies and creating alternative wedding guest book ideas and you can easily find one online. If you can not find something that suits your particular situation these ideas can easily be made with very little expense or time.

As with many things these days wedding guest books can be found in a variety of different places. If you can not find what you are looking for locally try searching on the internet. There are more and more companies selling very specialized products on the internet due to the low overhead. You will be surprised at the wide variety of options out there if you just take some time to look around. While you are shopping don't forget to pick up a great pen to use for the signatures.