Family and friends gather for a wedding, which is more of a formal occasion, then gather for the wedding reception, where they all get to enjoy the celebrations. You can create a beautiful setting for your wedding reception by decoration the venue with exquisite floral arrangements, enchanting table settings and other special touches.

One of the most important factors while planning the wedding reception decorations is the venue. The wedding decorations for an outdoor venue such as a vineyard or a beautiful garden will be far different from an indoor venue such as a hall of a church.

You might be enchanted by the view of a location but you need to pay equal mind to the table settings, tablecloths and silverware. When selecting a venue be sure of check out every minute detail. Will the venue allow your guests to enjoy a dance? Are the chairs comfortable? Does the color of the carpet match the décor?

If a theme has already been selected for the wedding, the decorations for the reception should go with the theme. But if that is not the case, then a theme can also be introduced in a wedding reception and decorations that match the theme can be selected.

Candles can help create a delightful atmosphere. Candles differ in the way they burn and the time for which they last. If you're planning a short cocktail reception, small votive candles are ideal. However, if you're having a dinner or luncheon, followed by dance, tall tapers or large pillar candles will be better suited.

A tall wedding cake adds to the spirit of festivity. Even if you are having an intimate reception with a small number of guests, you can still have a tall cake by requesting the baker to add several ""fake"" layers of cake as a base. They'll have the same frosting as the rest of the cake and no one will be able to tell the difference.

Cost is also a very important factor in deciding the wedding decorations. The emphasis should be on going in for decorations that create a wonderful ambience but are easy on the pocket.