Welcome to Part Two of how to Decorate your wedding. Part One gave you ideas for invitations, name plates and placemats. In this issue, we'll deal with flower arrangements. Flower arrangements do not stop at placement around the room, or the ones the bride and bridesmaids will carry - but they are for the centerpiece on the tables, over archways, doors, by the bathrooms, the wedding arch, etc . . .

No matter how unattractive a room is, you can transform it with decorations from the flower arrangements. You want to choose arrangements that will fit the size of your room. If you have a big room, make the flower arrangements big and wide, for a narrower, smaller room, make them taller. This will bring the focus up, instead of out. Wide arrangements will take the focus out, around the room.

For strong color, interesting texture, and a wonderful fragrance, use fruit with your flowers, to create an impressive centerpiece. Think of grapes, citrus fruits, or apples tucked into flowers, or gilded and silver pears piled high for a winter celebration.

For a delicate, airy centerpiece for your reception tables, place an orchid plant in a footed urn or glass container in the center of the table. Cover the soil with green moss or river rocks. Or you can use several small vases arranged in the center of each table, filled with their very own flower, that makes a beautiful, natural-looking bouquet. Offer them as a keepsake to each guest at the end of the reception.

Flowers can be an expensive part of a wedding. Don't let your need and want for beauty break the bank. You don't have to buy your flowers from a flower shop. Look in your friend's gardens, roadside flower peddlers, etc... A florist will be happy to answer your questions of which flowers are in season, she may even have a list. Don't be shy to ask questions. Don't be afraid to use inexpensive blooms for arrangements. When they are all placed together, they can make an impression that will strike anyone's fancy. Less is more - Sometimes the smallest bouquets can make the biggest impact. You may also want to consider working with just a few basic colors - or if it's easier on the budget, do a hodgepodge of complimentary colors. You may also want to think about doing fewer, but more extraordinary arrangements. Don't be afraid to use a lot of greenery, such as ivy, and texture-rich ferns. Be sure to check into silk and dried flowers to.

To make the bride and groom feel special, decorate the back of their chairs with flowers, greenery and ribbons, or swags. Make sure to select blooms that will not stain their clothing. Silk or dried flowers will work great for this. Decorate the cake knife, server and toasting flute with small nosegay of flowers and ribbons. Place large pots with potted plants around the dance floor. Decorate an arch with flowers to define the dance floor as well. Don't forget to mark the bathrooms with a small arrangement.

Most of all, don't go broke. With a little bit of investigation; looking on the internet, library, etc . . . you can find just the right ideas for decorating your special day.