If you are getting married this year, you will already know how costly your wedding is turning out to be. If there are any ways in which you can make savings, then go for it. But, beware if you are thinking of cutting back on your wedding flowers as this could be a big mistake.

The best advice to offer when selecting your wedding flowers is to choose flowers that are in season. You also need to remember that the flowers you choose will set the tone for the day so it's important to get it right. Naturally, those of you marrying in the summer will be looking to base your floral arrangements around pink, lilac, lemon and cream colours. Quite obviously, dark red roses or berries would not be suitable for a summer wedding so stick to light, fresh and fragrant flowers that are guaranteed to give your day an airy, breezy feel.

Summer flowers should successfully create a feel of gentle freshness in the form of soft colours and ooze a pretty fragrance. The following flowers would be perfect choices:

Blue, lilac and purple shades look fantastic on a bright and sunny day. Lavender has a heady scent making it a perfect choice for those having an outdoor wedding. Lavenders and lilacs clearly encompass everything a summer wedding should be and many summer brides choose bridesmaid dresses in these shades. Lavender can be a central theme for table décor, napkin decoration, place settings as well as favours for your guests.

Hydrangea and rose petals are also seasonal and would look great scattered on reception tables as well as thrown over the bride and groom! Hydrangeas are becoming more and more popular choice for spring and summer brides.

Calla Lily
Many brides choose the Calla Lily as a central theme for their entire wedding. It continues to be a popular choice as it has a sturdy structure yet is delicate in nature. Due to such great benefits, the calla lily lends itself to a range of floral arrangements and is highly striking when used in bouquets.

Anything yellow or lemon is very much en vogue this season. Daffodils are perfect for those getting married in the spring and summer; you also get lots of flowers for your money which will ensure your reception tables look plentiful as well as vibrant. Team any yellow blooms with anything purple such as irises or African violets.

Orchids give weddings a real Oriental flavour and are therefore the perfect choice for brides having an Oriental themed wedding. These beautiful blooms are available in many colours and so suitable for many colour themes.

These are reasonably prices if they are purchased in season. They are probably best suited to those getting married in the late spring or early summer. By their beautiful nature, tulips give a contemporary feel to your floral bouquets.

Those brides marrying in the warmer months should also consider wearing floral arrangements in their hair in place of a tiara. Small blooms can be attached to hair combs, slides or headbands and co-ordinated with buttonholes. Ensure they are kept small though as less is definitely more when it comes to hairpieces.

If you are still unsure about what flowers you should choose, your local florist will be able to advise you further. Don't forget though, that flowers are a very important part of your wedding day and getting it right is essential.