Since summer is the most popular time for weddings, it is very important to decide in advance the type of wedding flowers wanted by the bride. Since the florists are bound to be busy with many other weddings, the bride should be sure of her choices.

One good thing about summer weddings is that just about any kind of flower is available at the time. Favorite pastel colors include cool blues and pale yellows. Bold purples, brilliant reds and oranges really suit this season.

Roses give a very traditional summer wedding feel. Orange, red and yellow roses in the bouquet or the hair gives the feel of bright sunny days. Sunflowers are perfect for a modern summer wedding. It can bring the feel of the sun to the wedding with its vibrant colors.

Some popular choices for summer weddings are: foxglove, hyacinth, bachelor buttons, geraniums (pink, red, white, blue), hollyhock, moss rose, lilies, poppy (red, orange, yellow), carnations, daisy, pansy or berries (Blueberry or Raspberry).

Outdoor locations are very popular for summer weddings, and can determine the flowers used in the wedding. If the wedding is being held in a botanical garden, the kind of flowers in the garden can be used in the bouquet. If the wedding is by the seashore then the deep blue iris or bachelor buttons along with sand-colored tulips can be a perfect choice. Sunny yellow and fiery red poppies can also be appropriate. When paired with green ferns, white lilies can have a striking effect.

With so many choices, it is very important to understand the feel and mood expressed by each of these flowers, and choose accordingly.