Planning a spring or summer wedding? Read on to find out what's hot and what's not for bridal flowers in 2007.

The key to getting it right is to choose flowers that are in season. Deep red roses don't really look the part on a hot summer's day, whereas hydrangeas and sweet peas will suit a summery theme perfectly.

Spring flowers should encompass a feeling of gentle freshness along in soft colours with a pretty fragrance. Anemones, tulips, hyacinths and daffodils are perfect choices for spring bouquets. Tulips are reasonably priced and come in a whole range of shapes and colours. They give a contemporary feel to a wedding, although they can wilt quickly so beware of using them in a bouquet.

Soft yellows and lilacs look great together in a bouquet and can really capture the essence of spring. Spring is really in the air when primroses and violets are combined in floral arrangements. There are many pot-grown plants such as bellflowers, African violets and Cape Primroses that would also look great together along with flowering alpines such as mossy saxifrage. Primulas and violets in wicker cones can enliven any indoor or outdoor setting.

The Calla Lily is always a popular choice as it is delicate looking although sturdy in structure. Naturally, the calla lily lends itself to a range of floral decoration styles as the elegant shape of the curled spathe formed at the top of a long green stem produces a striking effect in bouquets and other arrangements. Many brides choose the Calla Lily as a central theme for their entire wedding.

All through spring, the flowering shrub world comes into its own, and this is clearly evident with the wonderful colours and flower types of camellias, rhododendrons and magnolias. These blooms make exquisite choices for brides whether you choose the palest shades and most delicate flowers to the big, blowsy rhododendrons heads in a myriad of lively tones. Although many of these blooms like fragile they are actually long lasters and have a somewhat hardy nature. However, their shadings and subtle combinations of colours make them ideal as bouquet flowers when teamed with delicate satins or organzas.

Spring brides should also consider floral arrangements in their hair rather than a tiara. Small blooms can be attached to hair combs, slides or headbands and co-ordinated with button holes. Best to keep hairpieces small though as they can look at bit overpowering not to mention expensive!

Summer flowers will have similar qualities to those from the spring although perhaps more fragrant and in deeper shades. Fine summer weather brings with it the possibility of a garden wedding. Open air settings require themes that will link the occasion to the place and time of year including the right flowers for the right time and location. The summer brings an abundance of pretty flowers in subtle pinks, ivories, lilacs and white with intoxicating heady fragrances. Flowers at the wedding of a summer bride will probably be central to the entire wedding theme and everything else should fall into place around the floral choices. Lavenders and lilacs clearly encompass everything a summer wedding should be and many summer brides choose bridesmaid dresses in these shades. To compliment the dress fabrics, go for lavenders and sweet peas to form the basis of the floral theme with other fragrant summer flowers making an appearance throughout. Blue, lilac and purple shades look fantastic on a bright and sunny day.

Fragrance is a very important factor to consider in a summer bouquet although steer clear of heady fragrances on reception tables where guests eat. Some blooms can have quite an overpowering scent that can be off putting during a meal. The more highly perfumed flowers in summer bloom are stocks, sweet peas, jasmine, rosemary and peonies. Hydrangea and rose petals are also seasonal and would look great scattered on reception tables as well as thrown over the bride and groom!

Remember to order extra flowers to decorate the wedding cake with and you could also continue the floral theme with wedding favours. Why not tie bunches of lavender with pink ribbon sand a tag? These can then double as place settings and favours. You could also present guests with a small corsage of flowers at their place setting and tie it to their napkins. Some brides even hang them from the back of the chairs; perfect if you are having an outdoor wedding!

Whether you are marrying in the spring or the summer, never underestimate the importance of flowers on your wedding day. If you are still unsure about what to go for, why not consult your local florist who would be happy to give you an idea of which blooms are best suited to you.