What is the perfect touch you can put on a wedding? I have seen a number of weddings, and each had its own little extras to make it just right for the couple. Some had bubbles, butterflies, doves, or even confetti as part of the celebration. One classic and classy touch you can add to a wedding is rose petals. They add luxury to a wedding day or even other special occasions. They represent romance and prosperity in a way that confetti just may not be able to. Rose petals can be used a number of ways so they are also very versatile.

There are a number of ways that rose petals may be used in a wedding ceremony. You can have you flower girl spread the rose petals as she walks and create a path on the aisle for the happy new couple. You can also have the newlyweds get showered with rose petals as they leave the ceremony, which can add a memorable and romantic touch to an already special day. Also, since rose petals come in so many sizes, shapes, and even colors, they will work as an addition to your wedding no matter what your theme or color is. So they are not only a special touch, but also a reliable and versatile one as well.

Be warned, though, that with rose petals, all is not rosy so to speak. There is something about which you should be aware. Rose petals can cause staining of fabrics. There is an easy fix, though, if you are worried about the wedding dress or church floor: freeze-dried rose petals. Freeze dried petals look just the same as fresh rose petals, but they will not stain and are therefore worry-free when it comes to staining your wedding dress or the fabrics and carpets of the church or guests.

When planning your wedding, you may want to order your rose petals far in advance. Freeze dried rose petals can be stored for several months without worry of them decaying. Therefore, to avoid any extra stress as the big day approaches, you may want to consider getting them taken care of early and having them out of the way. You should be able to buy freeze dried rose petals at any florist or flower supply store, so just you're your eyes open.

To save a little money, you may want to look at buying your wedding rose petals wholesale. Wholesalers of rose petals like wholesalers of most any other product, are usually able to get you a large number at a better price than a regular retailer. You may want to consult either your wedding planner or those helping you with your arrangements to figure out how many you will need sot that you can determine if a wholesaler is your best bet.

Weddings are special, so any time you can add that special little touch, you should consider it. Rose petals can be that very touch you are looking for. Classic, elegant, and romantic, they make for a memorable touch on a memorable day. Consider rose petals as a way to add a little something extra to your special day.