Don't spend a fortune on flowers. While planning your wedding, use the following tips to save money on your flowers. You'll still have a beautiful, but less costly, wedding.

CHOOSE FLOWERS IN SEASON - Avoid using flowers that are exotic or not in season. It is much more expensive to have to specially imported flowers. Plus, if you're looking for out-of-season blooms, they will be harder to find elsewhere, and their rarity can also add to the cost.

DECORATE WITH GREENERY - Use greenery such as trees and garlands of ivy to fill large areas. This will give a dramatic impact for relatively little money. Small trees, such as palms and ficus can usually be rented. Ivy garlands and eucalyptus leaves are also lovely when placed around the edge of the cake or gift table.

DECORATE WITH ROSE PETALS -You can choose from fresh or silk petals. A scattering of petals on each table adds a lovely touch of color, and petals en masse, such as a ring around the base of your cake, makes a dramatic statement. Petals come in different color choices and are inexpensive.

RE-USE ARRANGEMENTS AND BOUQUETS - Use your ceremony floral arrangements at the reception. You've already paid for them, why not get a whole evenings worth out of them? Floral arrangements and ribbons which decorated the aisle can dress up the cake table. Bouquets can also be used to decorate the cake, guest book or head tables. Altar arrangements can be placed on either side of the head table, or used at the entry to the ballroom.

CONSIDER SHARING CHURCH ARRANGEMENTS - If another wedding will take place at the same location and same day as yours, you may want to share altar arrangements, pew bows, and other flowers and split the cost of your ceremony flowers.

CONSIDER SMALLER BOUQUETS - Rather than having you and your bridesmaids carry large, elaborate bouquets, how about smaller, elegant bouquets instead? The larger the bouquet, and the more time spent in putting it together will cost you more money. Consider the dramatic look of one or two white calla lilies or a single rose (what a classic!) with a lovely ribbon that coordinates with your color scheme beautifully tied on the stems.