The wedding day… This is the most awaited day of almost every bride in the world. This will be the start of a whole new different world for them. What better way is there than to have elegant wedding flowers grace the special occasion. Having elegant wedding flowers doesn't mean that you will have to spend thousands of dollars for it. In fact, you can create a unique set of floral arrangements for your special day.

Here are great ideas for your wedding flowers:

- All white bouquet; the bridal bouquet in shade of white color creates a formal and elegant look. It compliments the bride's gown and so attention is focused mainly on the bride without any other color to distract the audience.

- Rainbow of flower colors to compliment your bridesmaids' dresses will catch the eyes of the guests, but you have to choose the colors which further enhance the wedding's color scheme.

- Flower buds add to the elegance of a flower bouquet and compliment those that are already in bloom.

- Hand-tied; you can also make hand-tied bridal or bridesmaids' bouquet for a custom and elegant look.

Your flower girl will look more beautiful if she has a ring of fresh flowers in her delicate hair.

You can even give away flowers for each of your wedding guest. It will serve as a token for being a part of the most important occasion of your life.

After the wedding, brides usually toss their bouquet. But if you want, you can make a spare one for the tossing that looks like your bridal bouquet.