Congratulations You must be newly engaged and planning wedding details such as silk wedding flowers and unique reception centerpieces. This is such a wonderful, exciting, and challenging time in your life and, if you're like many other brides-to-be, you want everything perfect. Planning your wedding will be a major undertaking and we equate the process to another full time job. You will have many decisions to make from big things to small things and so much in between! You'll also have a budget to consider or, if you're lucky, your parents will have the budget to consider and the timeline to get everything done!

Certainly, this is not an easy task so we have simplified the process of selecting flowers, choosing your bouquet style, and developing ideas for unique table centerpieces and gifts for the special family members and friends in your wedding. The good thing is that you can combine some of these and minimize the "checklist" you have in front of you.

We take a lot of time and effort to identify wedding colors, wedding flowers and décor trends from year to year and really focus on perfecting the silk flower products that are custom made for you. Our research and current orders for 2007 are proving that there are clear color and style trends for this year. To make the process a bit easier for your planning purposes, we've outlined what those trends and styles are beginning with overall wedding trends:

Brides are primarily still wearing white for their wedding. Wedding gowns with color haven't really caught on and brides are shying away from those styles. However, for more casual, destination weddings brides are becoming more daring and are adding very pale pinks, lavenders, and blues in the embroidery of their dresses - subtle touches that are gorgeous for more relaxed weddings.

Bridesmaid color trends are beautiful, rich jewel tones in aquamarine, magenta, a variety of pinks, amethyst, and deep reds. Black is out and Chocolate Brown is very much in.

Brides-to-be are requesting colorful, large, trendy bouquets ranging in styles from tussie mussies, to hand-tied bouquets and other non-traditional pieces. It's all about individuality and creativity this year and our brides-to-be know what they want.

Bouquet accessories are hugely popular and range from clear and colored Swarovski crystal embellishments to semi-precious jewels and other specialty picks. Brides are also requesting that designers incorporate special family keepsakes like fabrics, heirloom jewels, and other important things the bride-to-be or groom-to-be treasures into the bridal bouquet.

Brides are choosing different flowers for their bridesmaids. Traditionally, bridesmaids have a smaller version of the bride's bouquet. In recent years, brides are choosing to make bridesmaid bouquets smaller than "normal" and are putting their money into their own bouquet. With silk flowers this is an easy task as different flowers can be made in similar shades of the primary bridal color.

Receptions are getting makeovers and are no longer the stuffy, all white, basic décor you're used to. Brides are taking the colors from the bridal bouquet and transferring it to the reception venue. Mirrored bases with candles are being replaced by themed floral centerpieces that have a home décor feel. Popular reception centerpiece themes for 2007: jumbo Party Drinks in complementary colors, exotics like single orchids, single bird-of-paradise, and other interesting flowers in "clear water", monochromatic centerpieces which are 2-3 different shades of the same color in a lovely vase or container.

Brides are increasingly giving the reception centerpieces to special family members or friends as gifts. An advantage of silk flowers is that they can be used in this way and the people closest to you will have that keepsake for many years. It's also good way to minimize your costs and use one item two different ways.

Gone are the days of matching colors exactly, today's sophisticated brides are more interested in complementary colors that blend and "play off" each other versus the old tradition of engulfing an event in one shade of peach. This is exactly the reason that monochromatic pieces are gaining popularity and also why floral arrangements now have "punches" of color for visual impact and beauty.

Silk wedding flowers are also being transformed from bouquets into floral centerpieces for your home allowing you to keep the bouquet as a keepsake and use it as an accent piece in your home. Many brides are choosing to have a designer disassemble their bouquet and add the stems to a silver or crystal vase they receive from their wedding. This makes for a beautiful piece inside a china hutch. Other brides simply insert their bouquet into a tall vase or container themselves and make a lovely decorative piece for the home.

Lastly, we're finding that brides-to-be are continuously looking to push the envelope and make their wedding one that is unique and true to who they are. That may involve a lot of traditional styles or it may walk on the wild side, either way, make sure your day is what you want it to be. And, above all, have a wonderful experience planning your special day.

Popular bridal bouquet flowers for 2007:

Miniature Calla Lilies in a multitude of jewel-tone colors.
Orchids ranging from traditional to exotic and trendy
Hydrangeas - large and beautiful
Roses - traditional
Lilies - somewhat traditional but can be combined with non-traditional florals.
Peonies - more compact flower, full in volume
Gerber daisies - very bright and trendy