One great way to make your wedding day unique is by the color scheme you choose. Whether you use a popular mix such as shades of purples or pink and green, or you go with a scheme of your own; you can use your colors to enhance your day.

Here are a few wedding planning suggestions to help you get started on choosing a color scheme.

1. Pick a Palette. Flip through home decor and fashion magazines for color combinations that catch your eye. To help you choose the exact hue for your wedding details, carry around paint chips in your wedding colors to make sure everything you choose works in your palette.

2. Get Inspired by Nature. Can't decide on just one or two colors for your wedding? Don't worry. In fact, many extraordinary weddings weave a variety of colors, sometimes up to five, that work together as a whole to create a specific sensibility. For example, you might pick bright green, summery yellow, pale pink, rich red, and caramel brown for an English garden look; or leap into autumn in New England with pale green, ruby red, burgundy, and gold.

3. Color Coordinate. When it comes to working with your invitation designer and cake baker, pay as much detail to color as you do to design. If you have access to a Pantone book, use this collection of colors to select your shade the same way graphic designers do. Many invitation designers mix ink to match the colors in this book, and many cake bakers use Pantone numbers as a reference when creating dye for the frosting.

Once you have chosen a color plan for your wedding, let that be the inspiration as you continue planning. Find unique ways to tie in those colors throughout your day.