"Here comes the bride, all dressed in white", go the lyrics of the song as the bride walks down the aisle. Everybody else involved in the wedding gets to wear colors. Usually, the entourage are all wearing outfits in a single shade, chosen by the bride to complement a chosen theme.

How do the brides choose? Some brides choose to use their favorite color and then blend it with a complimentary color. For example, if they love yellows, they may blend it with other pastel shades like pink and a light green.

The setting might dictate the color. For example, if the wedding theme is burgundy and neon green and the reception is held in a venue with purple walls, the guests might wish for blinders. This is why neutral colors such as cream, yellow, white or beige are common favorites.

Some people choose, based on luck. For example, black is considered unlucky as it is perceived as the color of death so most brides do not want it at a wedding. They may also follow such thing as feng shui to determine the best color to bring in prosperity and happiness to their life as a couple.

Having a wedding planner is a really good idea. They are well informed on what are the current trends in color themes and are usually familiar with the appearance of your possible wedding venues. They can help you make a compromise between all the possible factors on making your choice.

Don't forget to ask the groom if there's a color he'd like. They too may have a dream wedding they'd like to have and the color plays a part in that.