The following are common questions posed by couples who wish to express proper wedding ceremony etiquette on their special day.

Where do I sit once I enter the place of worship?

If you're Christian…the left side of the church is the bride's side, the right is the groom's side. If you're Jewish…it's the opposite. Right of the church is the bride's side, the left is the groom's side.

What is the correct wedding ceremony etiquette for the order for attendants walking down the aisle?

The groom and best man are already standing at the altar Groomsmen first Bridesmaids second Maid of honour Flower girl and ring bearer Bride walks with her father, step father, other escort or by herself.

Can the bride wear white if she has children?

According to etiquette, the bride should not wear white if she has children. In addition wedding ceremony etiquette states that a woman who has children can not wear a veil to her wedding, as well. Other forms of headpieces are acceptable. Brides with children are encouraged to wear off-white gowns.

The bride walks along her father, but which side of him?

Traditionally, the bride walks on the left side of her father. Nevertheless, you should bare in mind that the brides parents will be seated on the left side of the church. This means the father will have to step over the bride's train to take a seat.

What should the bride to with the veil at the wedding ceremony?

The maid of honour should assist you by putting the veil over your face prior to walking down the aisle. The bride's father walks her down the aisle, lifts the veil to kiss his daughter

What Should the Bride do I do her my engagement ring?

Before the ceremony the bride should put her engagement ring on the ring finger of her right hand. Once the groom slips the wedding ring onto his wife's hand, the bride can slip her engagement ring over the wedding ring. The wedding ring should be on first, as it is traditionally meant to be "closer to the heart."

When does the Bride give her bouquet to the Maid of Honor?

After the bride's father has kissed her, and your maid of honour fixes her veil, the bride can hand the bouquet to the Maid of Honor.