Your wedding vows should be something that are meaningful for the rest of your lives. It is worth spending some time planning which wedding vows are right for you and your mate.

You might want to look for wedding vows and ideas for wedding vows online. Wedding sites have information and suggestions about wedding vows and this information will give you an idea of possibilities.

Many people choose to use traditional wedding vows. You can discuss your wedding vows with the pastor or priest who is going to marry you. There are different wedding vows depending on the faith you practice.

You may choose to write your own wedding vows. This can be especially lovely as long as you know what you are doing. If you plan to write your own wedding vows and will be married in a church or synagogue you will need to make sure this is allowed.

When you have made the decision to write your own wedding vows you should start writing at least two months before the ceremony. This will give you time to rewrite and make modifications.

It is not a good idea to write your own wedding vows if one of the parties really doesn't want to. This is such an important part of the wedding that both the bride and groom should be willing to take part in the writing of the wedding vows.

Before you ever start writing your wedding vows take the time to discuss what you both want to say. Make a list or keep a notebook of the things that you want to include in the wedding vows.

You will also need to decide if you want to have the wedding vows memorized. If you are not comfortable with memorizing the wedding vows it is perfectly all right to read them instead. It would be better to read the wedding vows than have one person go completely blank when the time comes.

Spend some time pondering your wedding vows, what you want to say and how you want to say it.