More and more weddings are being held outdoors. Regardless of the reason, there are certain things that must be considered that are different from weddings held inside. These 10 considerations are:

  1. Perhaps the most important consideration is the weather. You probably would not want to plan a wedding in January in Alaska or Michigan or in August in Arizona or South Texas. (It is, however, easier to have an outdoor wedding in the heat than in the cold). If you do choose a date that may risk extreme weather, allow for the proper dress - coats and footwear for the cold, light clothing, fans and drinking water for the heat.
  2. The distance from the parking area to the ceremony site. I officiated at a wedding that was held in a beautiful setting. To get there the guests had to hike a mile through sand and rocks, cross a creek by walking across rocks, and all this in 95 degree heat. They had not informed their guests of this minor marathon and many women in their finest wedding wear and spiked heals waited in their cars until everyone else returned from the ceremony. While the ceremony was spectacular and held in a stunning setting, there were some quite unhappy guests.
  3. If you have a mike and/or a D.J. for the ceremony, are electrical outlets available?
  4. If it is in the evening, what time does the sun set? Is lighting available if it gets dark earlier than expected? Is you photographer familiar with the setting and its lighting requirements?
  5. How far is it from the place the bride and her attendants dress to the ceremony? Is there even a place for the bride to dress, or does she need to come to the site ready for the ceremony?
  6. Will you have your reception and/or dinner at the same location or will your guests need to drive to another location?
  7. If you have guests who are disabled, can they get to the ceremony site with a minimum of consternation and effort?
  8. Is there adequate parking? If not, is there a shuttle service that can transport your guests from the parking lot to the ceremony site?
  9. What about bugs? If there is an insect problem, what can be done about it? You certainly don't want your guests eaten up by mosquitos nor do you want a bee to get in Aunt Mabel's hair or fly into the officiant's mouth while he or she is trying to pronounce the couple as husband and wife.
  10. Choose your attire to accommodate the out-of-doors venue; e.g., no spiked heels, no long flowing trains or veils, etc.
In a beautiful outdoor setting, a wedding ceremony can be spectacular if you do the proper planning ahead of time. Look for ways to enhance the setting and avoid the pitfalls and you will most likely have a breathtaking ceremony.