Having a wedding outside can provide beautiful scenery to add to what should be the happiest day of your life. Being among nature can add to the beauty and also save on decorating costs. However, outdoor weddings carry their own hassles that must be planned for. If you're planning on having an outdoor wedding then this article has some handy tips for you. Pay close attention and enjoy your day.

One thing we cannot control is the weather. Rain, snow and hail can ruin outdoor weddings. When planning an outdoor wedding you should have canapé or something to provide shelter should the weather take a turn for the worse?

When some plan outdoor weddings they neglect to have adequate seating. Most likely because being outside it is believed mot people will want to mix and mingle. However, older guests will appreciate having a place to sit and relax after a while so have enough seating available for older and elderly guests.

When having an outdoor wedding, we of course hope that the sun will be shinning away. The sun of course is a good thing however; it needs to be considered in your seating arrangements. No one wants to be staring at the sun while you and your spouse to be are exchanging vows. They won't see anything and exposure to the sun can cause your guests headaches and damage their eyesight.

When planning an outdoor wedding, sound can also be an issue. While outside, sound has a much wider area to travel in so the guests may have difficulty in hearing you. You may have to have a microphone to carry the sound.

Having an outdoor wedding can be a truly joyous occasion. Having your big day against nature's scenery can provide the perfect atmosphere for what should be the happiest day of your life. With some planning ahead to prepare for bad weather, seating, sun and sound. You and your guests can enjoy your outdoor wedding the way it is meant to be.