Ok, you have spent a lot of time choosing the flavors for your wedding cake, the design and not to mention hundreds of dollars to get the wedding cake that you truly desire. All of this hard work will be wasted if it tumbles to the floor. How will you prevent this? Read on and I will give you some tips to avoid this situation.

Keep your cake indoors. Wedding cakes and heat do not mingle well together not to mention the wind too. If you must have your cake out doors keep it in a cool shaded area if possible.

Make sure where ever you place the cake it is fully level especially if you are having an outdoor wedding.

Wedding cakes with pillars between each layers are more likely to tip so be sure to keep a close eye on the cake especially out doors in a windy environment.

Have your baker deliver the cake as late as possible that way it has the least amount of time for any incident to occur.

Following the tradition of shoving cake in each others face is a fun time but it can be a total disaster for your wedding gown so think twice about doing this.

Make sure you have plenty of napkins and forks handy to avoid the habit of wiping your hands on your clothes or gown.

Take a picture with your gown on and the cake first then change out of your gown into some more relaxing clothes to avoid staining your gown.

Refrigerate your cake first if taking outdoors to avoid any melting.

Have someone baby sit your wedding cake so it does not take any bumps or spills.

Most of all just be very careful with your wedding cake or all of your effort will be wasted.