Wedding cake serving sets usually come with a cake knife and a cake server. The blades of both of these items are usually made from stainless steel, but some models can be silver or pewter plated for added visual effect. The handles of a cake serving set is where most of the stylizing is done. Handles come is crystal, silver, pewter, composite materials, plastic, and glass.

The cost of the average wedding cake serving set will be somewhere around $30 to $50. The actual price that you pay will depend on the materials that the cake knife and cake server are made from, the handle design that you select, as well as what vendor you buy it from. If you want to maximize the value of your cake serving set then you may want to consider registering for your serving set when you register for your wedding china. By doing this you will be selecting a cake serving set that will match your wedding china, which in turn will allow you to use it more than once.

In addition to matching cake serving sets to wedding china you also have the option to match the set's design to the theme of your wedding. There are many different styles of themed wedding cake serving sets that you can choose from. A few of the more popular serving set themes include beach themes, contemporary themes, Baroque themes, and antique themes. To find a serving set that will match your wedding's design, look for a handle design that elegantly reflects one element of your wedding's design such as a color, a pattern, or an icon that relates to the theme of your wedding. For example if you have a beach theme for your wedding then you may want to look for a wedding cake serving set that has starfish on the handles.

If you prefer a more elegant style for your wedding cake serving set then you can always opt to buy a silver cake knife and cake server set. These sets will tend to cost more than the average wedding cake serving set, but their elegance, beauty, and heirloom quality make then well worth the added cost. Another advantage of buying a silver wedding cake serving set is that you can have it engraved with the names, initials, and the anticipated wedding date for the engaged couple. Engraved cake servers make a great bridal shower gift, and a great memento from the couple's wedding.

After the wedding is over many couple's don't know what they should do with their serving sets. If they have matched their wedding cake serving set to their wedding china then they can store the wedding cake serving set as another piece of their silver and china set. On the other hand if they have a novelty or engraved wedding cake serving set that they don't want to use again, then they may want to create a shadowbox display that includes the wedding cake serving set, their wedding cake accessories, and other small decorations from their wedding. This shadowbox display will allow the newlyweds to proudly display memorabilia from the best day of their lives.